North Brighton Golf Club Detailed History
The first flight by aeroplane over Sydney took place in 1911 from Ascot racecourse, (located approximately at the Easterly end of the current East/West runway).Mascot aerodrome was then constructed & developed and was where Charles Kingsford Smith and his crew landed in 1928 after their pioneer crossing of the Pacific Ocean for the first time. On the opposite side of the Cooks River to both Mascot aerodrome and Ascot racecourse was a spit of land surrounded by the river which had been used as a sewerage farm and pig farm. From this land, a golf course of 83 acres (34.5ha) was created. It is known to have been in existence in 1931 but was operating as a golf course before that. A group of golfers used a tin shed on the course as a clubhouse and paid two shillings (20c) to Wilfred Allen (who held the lease on the land) for 18 holes. This group formed the first North Brighton Golf Club.

This picture shows the original site of North Brighton Golf Club relative to the Sydney Airport

On the 24th March, 1936 the club incorporated itself as North Brighton Golf Club Limited with Wilfred Allen the first Secretary of the Company. Officials would have been aware of what was impending. The main aerodrome runway extensions to 914m in 1940, then to 1463m, and again to 1978m in 1943-44.
In 1945, the Government had approved the development of Kingsford Smith Airport to international standards. Finally in 1947, club officials received notice of the golf course resumption.

A New Home 1947-50
The search for a new home was a long drawn out process. Club officials, considered many options which did not come to fruition for various reasons. The present NBGC site (Milperra) was purchased in 1950 from Arthur Robert Allen of Rose Bay (an uncle of George W. Trickett who was a Director of the Club at the time), after members approved the purchase on 23rd March 1950. The property was offered at $18,000 for 155 acres (65ha).

The North Brighton site became unusable by April 1950 as sluice water from filling the area for the airport flooded the golf course on its way to the river. The Club received notice they were to vacate by 30th June 1950.

A New Course 1950-52
Harry Smith (the Green keeper at North Brighton), and Charlie Booth (the Professional at North Brighton) were allocated the task of laying out the Milperra course. A number of members were co-opted and responsible for various aspects of the move. The old North Brighton clubhouse was moved to ultimately become the first clubhouse at the Milperra site. Also, all the greens from North Brighton were lifted and transported to the Milperra site in September 1950. The first games of golf at New Brighton were played late in 1950 involving the first six greens constructed close to the clubhouse. About half (100) of the North Brighton members initially transferred to the Milperra site. By the end of 1950, 10 greens were available for play and by March 1951 for all activities to be transferred to the new address. Existing members faced anywhere up to a 2 hour trip each way involving trains and buses carrying golf bag and clubs. This picture shows the original layout in 1950

Major Water Storage Dam
After dry weather conditions experienced in 1954 and local residents complaining about reduced water pressures, the club commenced planning to construct a dam. Construction commenced in May 1951. The Dam was fully functional by October 1956.

Golf Course re-routing
While maintaining the same holes, the course layout was changed in 1957. For example, the 12th hole became the 18th hole, and the 13th hole became the 1st hole.

M5 Motorway
By 1970, the club was aware of the threatened encroachment on the club's property by the south-western expressway. In March 1979 the club appointed Civil and Civic Pty Ltd to design and construct a new golf course. Course re-construction work commenced in June 1980 and was playable in 1982.The current layout as played today came into existence. This picture shows the original layout in 1982 below.

The Future
For most of the years 2000-2010 the Club has unusccessfully pursued options to develop existing holes into Housing, after purchasing land located south of the M5 Tollway in 2005. In December 2010, the club has entered into a contract with Mirvac to construct new golf holes, a new clubhouse and develop non-core land into housing. Watch this space, as the Club goes through its transformation expected to take place from 2011 to 2016.